Mum Life Crisis

I recently met with my life coach (Kate) and she said something that REALLY resonated with me. She explained that men go through a midlife crisis that is age related and revolved around status, power and money (you know, the one where they spend way too much money on a sports car that they look ridiculous in.) But women are slightly different, ours arrives after the birth of our children and we want just one, small, totally achievable thing …to change the world!

I was like OMG yes this is me! I’ve always been a bit of a, “I’d like everyone to love each other and for fish not to eat plastic please” type of gal but since having my daughter I’m all like – I NEED TO HELP OTHER WOMEN BECAUSE FUCK THIS IS HARD! That and wanting things to change so that my little girl can flourish in a world where she isn’t deemed secondary because she has a vagina. And of course there’s climate change, the war on plastic, the fast fashion revolution and veganism to tend to, among other potentially world altering concepts. Oh and the need to work on myself to ensure I don’t pass on any trauma from my past, make sure I have me time so I’m not a snappy bitch and start my own business so that I can not only provide but also spend more time with her and show her how to be a badass woman. All of which needs to be done on very little sleep and whilst mothering a small human.

It’s no wonder we get a bit overwhelmed sometimes eh!?

I don’t have the answers on how to navigate this mum life crisis but for me, It’s starts with us. Once we figure ourselves out, we can start to untangle the headphone wire of our brain and get a clearer picture of what we actually want in life. If you can get a grip on your core values, everything else should follow. Because all you will need to do is ask yourself whether something aligns with these values and if it doesn’t… it’s time to get rid! Be that circumstances, people, jobs, homes. (Feels a bit terrifying doesn’t it, but apparently staying in our comfort zone won’t bring the life we truly desire – of course, why make it easy on us universe, that’s no fun.)

But in all seriousness – we can absolutely change the world. It is better to have a million people making small, imperfect changes than one person being totally perfect. Bought vegetables wrapped in plastic but ate meat free for the week – amazing! Went shopping in Primark but helped your elderly neighbour change a lightbulb – You go Glen CoCo! Started a charity helping homeless children whilst eating vegan food you foraged yourself and wearing clothes you sewed by hand – Alright now you’re showing off 😉

Every positive step you take in your life is not only aligning you with the outcomes you desire but its teaching our kids to be better people too. This next generation is going to be fucking POWERFUL and I’m beyond excited to see it. Let’s show them that we care as much as they do.

Start a business, eat less meat, make your own clothes, use less plastic, support an independent business, walk more, help others – Change the world in your own small magical way because you TRULY make a difference!

From one Tired Mum to another – You got this! x

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