Mum Life Crisis

I recently wrote a blog post on this topic but if you missed it, let me fill you in on the basics: Men tend to go through a midlife crisis that is age related and revolved around status, power and money. Women tend to have theirs when they become mothers and they want to change the world!

I don’t know about you but I’ve felt this in a BIG WAY! Although less “change the world” and more “become the best version of me”. Having spoken to other mums, I’ve realised that I’m not alone in this way of thinking, so I am dedicating this space on the website for “self development” or as I like to think of it being a fucking badass!

Imagine if we spent as much money on our mind, body and soul as we do on booze, carbs and chocolate! We would be POWERFUL!! Let’s step into that power together …. and change the world 😉



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