Founder (The Tired Mum)

Hi Ladies,

I’m Laura and I became a Mum at the end of December 2018 to an amazing little girl. It was absolutely incredible but also… really bloody hard. I knew there would be difficult times but nothing quite prepared me for what was to come – mum guilt, sleep deprivation, cracked nipples, poonami’s – safe to say I struggled, especially in the early days, and still now sometimes. It was absolutely integral for me to find “my people”, other women going through the same thing at the same time but also those who had been through it before. This is where The Tired Mums Club started.

Since then we have evolved from an Instagram page started to keep me sane, to a little online community, local meet ups, FB support groups and now this… a resource website for women in Essex, who happen to be mothers. I am really passionate about creating a space that focusses on mums. We are so often forgotten in the whirlwind of growing, birthing and raising children but there is support out there, and we will help you to find what you need!

Not Just a Mum: 

How many times have you met a new mum friend and got straight into the baby chat, leaving for home with no idea what her name was, let alone what brings her joy or what passion projects she would love to start. Let’s pledge here and now to speak openly and confidently about ourselves, to feel worthy of those conversations, because you were a person before you became a mum and that person is still as valid today.

So here’s a little about me to start things off.

I love to write. Getting lost in a good book. I enjoy trashy TV. Long baths listening to podcasts. I like being outside (Central Park, Chelmsford is my happy place). Since becoming a mum I’ve found a love for psychology. Mental health is my passion. White chocolate is the best (M&S White chocolate cookies are what heaven tastes like). A messy bun is my forever uniform (not just my mum uniform). I’ve been with my husband since I was 16 years old. Halloween is my favourite holiday. I’m a Pisces, a dreamer. I like to know what the moon is up to. You’ll more often than not find me on Instagram.

If you want to know more, you’ll have to head to one of our meet up’s 😉

Thank you for joining me on this journey ladies!

From one Tired Mum to another – You got this! x

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