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The Tired Mums Club meet ups are open to absolutely anyone. There is no agenda, other than to meet other mums, get out of the house and possibly grab a drink or some cake (always a bonus!). They are held once a month in varying locations (keep an eye on the Instagram / Facebook page for more information).

You are welcome to attend whether you have one child or ten children, whether you’re kids are new-borns or 30 years old. Whether your children are biological or not, whether they are still with us or not, whether they have been born yet or not. If you consider yourself a mother – you are welcome!

TTWM Support Group

The Tired Working Mums Support Group is held once a month on a Saturday at various locations. Please join the Facebook Group to keep up to date. The aim of the group is to bring working mothers together to discuss, support and feel less alone. If you consider yourself a mother and you work – be that part time, full time, self employed, employed with a company – you are welcome!

On occasion we will have guest speakers or experts in certain fields attend the meet ups, in the hope that they can impart some wisdom / give you some tools to make being a working mother that little bit easier! (Who doesn’t want an easy life eh!?)

Upcoming Events

Past Events

“There are no strangers here, just friends you haven’t met” – Roald Dahl

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